WhatsApp Gold APK (Official) Download Latest 2022



NameWhatsApp Gold APK (Official) Download Latest 2022
WhatsApp Gold APK Download WhatsApp Gold APK For Android Mod By Abo3rab 2022 | WhatsApp Blue | WhatsApp Green | WhatsApp Red

Download WhatsApp Gold V10.20 Anti-ban and safe from hackers attack by AbuArab 

WhatsApp Gold APK 2022
Download WhatsApp Gold APK 2022 | Mod By Abu3rab - WhatsApp Blue - WhatsApp Green Plus - WhatsApp Red 

Download WhatsApp Gold V10.20 Anti-ban and safe from hackers attack by Abu Arab

WhatsApp Gold  V10.20 Anti-ban 

Dear friends!. Welcome, all of you too. Hopefully, all of you will be very fine! Ma Shaa Allah!.WhatsApp gold تحميل
As all of you know as always we send the latest technology-related information and posts, many third_party WhatsApp is more famous in the market. 
So, from this, you will have to guess/estimate that today's topic is some of WhatsApp 🙈yeah! you have got right! Today's topic is as WhatsApp Gold we will tell you in detail below:- 

What is WhatsApp Gold

Whatsapp Gold is alternative to official WhatsApp Inc, it has its own many features. it is basically developed by Abu3rab from Arab. But because of some issues, he stopped developing or updating the Gold Whatsapp. but don't you worry here Assem Mahjoub is for serving you from Yamen he took over the task to update its latest versions according to the market and users' demands? at the beginning of this journey, it was so hard for him to have updated WhatsApp but he didn't give up and continued working on it! and get success and now his WhatsApp Gold is the number#1 copy from google as its rating of download and installation is number#1. He added many extraordinary features and most of them it's mobile-friendly app(No hanging, no freezing)just install and enjoy your journey on this WhatsApp. Now in the market, its latest version 10.20 is released about what we are talking about here.

Features - WhatsApp Gold

  1. Download and save statuses
  2. Privacy for custom chat
  3. Launch time PIN/Password/fingerprint.
  4. Custom themes
  5. Anti-ban with proof.
  6. Hide Chats with PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
  7. 4200+ Themes for WhatsApp gold.
  8. Hide Last Seen
  9. Hide Second ticks.
  10. Hide status view.
  11. Status views toast.
  12. Online partner Toast.
  13. Auto reply to your clients.
  14. Schedule message sending to let connect you with your near and dear ones.
  15. Backup and Restore feature built-in.
  16. Enable Forward limit more than 5 persons at a time.
  17. Forward messages without forwarding tags.
  18. Custom Conversation screen Settings.
  19. Custom bubbles styles.
  20. Hide partner name from conversation screen.
  21. Quick Contact feature.
  22. Groups and Chats screen separations.
  23. Allows you to set One UI system.
  24. DND (Disable Network)
  25. Added 15+ Notification tones built-in WhatsApp.
  26. WhatsApp Gold provides you a log system that always tracks your contacts' activities on What's App e.g Online/Offline time Profile change time. About info changing time.
  27. And all other features that your needs.

Privacy Features 

Privacy Control

Together with all mentioned above, if you install Whats App Gold you will have the ability to control your personal privacy choices. This implies manually regulating whether you are letting your mobile inform others what you are up or you are online.

Several of the privacy settings are mentioned below;

Being online (Status)

Double tick


Settings of microphone

 status of recording

 status of typing

 messages Scheduling

Freeze last seen:

now you can freeze your online status on WhatsApp gold easily without knowing your contacts that you are online. In whats-app inc you can only hide your last seen only while you can not hide your online status. So no one can disturb you even though you are online.


there were fake reporters to report your Num. As accuse you of sending porn graphic content on whats-app groups, or some of them online report your number to ban it, but now we found out the solution to protect your account from false reporters or overall protection from Bann.

Customize themes:-

Now can use your favorite theme from the themes store there are more than 4000+ themes available. Download and install default settings or there is an option to customize your favorite settings. (gold settings>Themes>download themes>install>Restart Whats app>OK).

Fonts style:-

Now you can change or select your favorite font style for your likes fonts. Now you can use Urdu fonts (JAMEEL NOORI NASTALEELQUE ) so your massages will look more beautiful awesome

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How to register WhatsApp Gold?

  1. Make a backup copy of messages and delete the application.
  2. Download WhatsApp Gold with the direct link.
  3. After downloading WhatsApp Gold, install the application.
  4. You will find the option to backup your WhatsApp.
  5. Click on it and then register the number and do "Done".
  6. And wait for the activation and then complete the rest of the normal options.

WhatsApp Gold is ads-free and is not found in official stores such as Google Play, and other stores because it is known that WhatsApp Gold is considered contrary because it is only a modified program by third-party developers.

What's New in V 10.20 - WhatsApp Gold?

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Added Reaction emojis
  • Added Privacy feature to hide Profile Pic for a specific contact,
  • Added option to freeze last for a specific contact.
  • Added option to set emoji as a profile picture.
  • Exclusively adding the option to save the media when activating the option not to save in the studio
  • Add an option to hide the download cases button from the Golden Additions > Privacy
  • Add new fonts iPhone fonts
  • Activate the new look for contact information
  • Enable other options to hide messages (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
  • Add the option to display messages sent in groups
  • Add the option of notifications when viewing the status
  • Re-add the translation directly into the conversation
  • Add an option to choose between instant translation and Google Translate
  • Add a message counter on the page to view all messages sent by a specific person
  • Add the option to clean all useless files
  • Fix the backup problem that takes up a lot of space
  • Fix opening the conversation via widget when the conversation is locked
  • Fix the option to call by phone sometimes shows a different number
  • Fixed crash problem after update on some devices
  • Fix the problem of the fab inside the conversations not taking the color of the theme
  • Fixed a problem with audio recording in some input styles
  • Fixed the crash problem in the translation feature sometimes
  • Fix the feature of viewing all messages sent by a specific person in groups
  • Improved translation for some in-app options
  • Other fixes and improvements

Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsAppGoldApk

WhatsApp Gold saves its All files with the new folder as WhatsApp Gold. it's fully Anti-ban
You Can SAVE status videos & pictures. As it is a mod apk so, you cannot back up your WhatsApp data on your google drive. You can see who got online? At what time? and also you can hide your last seen. even you're online but it will show a long time ago last see. YOU CAN EVEN CHANGE THEMES, WALLPAPER, AND FULL INTERFACE. You can set Auto reply, schedule message, send bomb message. All messages cannot delete after deletion for everyone from your friend. You can delete messages for everyone up to 100years!

How to change themes on wa2 Abu Arab?

 I am going to tell you a secret about WhatsApp, where we can change the themes or colors of our toolbar/status bar easily without any hardship. You can customize all settings as you wanted too.

  • If you wanna set privacy so it allows you to do whatever.
  • If you are thinking to change your ticks styles instead of an ordinary WhatsApp to correct clicks. So you can set whatever you want.
  • If you want to set privacy that no one can call you so it also allows you to put it on your WhatsApp.
  • If you wanna hide your last seen (You are online but it will show your last seen as when you set it) on WhatsApp so it allows you to do it.
  • If you wanna send your status on WhatsApp instead of 30sec so it allows you to do it
  • If you wanna save anyone's status so it also allows you to do it also.
  • If you want to put privacy that you didn't see anyone's status even though or actually you have seen but it will not tell the user that you read his status.
  • If you want to set privacy inside the conversation so it also allows you to do.
  • If you want that, what about if someone deleted any message for everyone but it shouldn't delete from you so it's a good pathway or it allows you to do.
  • If you want to delete any message as <deleted for everyone> so it allows you to delete the message even after 100 years.

And much more features...

Its settings for Whatsapp Gold with new look new styles. A piece of good news for WhatsApp gold users.

Inside the conversation looks

 |NoTe| All links update on daily base

Download WhatsApp Gold V10.20 Anti-ban 2022:-

MOD Name WhatsApp gold
 Base Version2.22.2.73
Minimum Os5.0+
File TypeAPK 
DeveloperAbu Arab
Download Size49MB
ServerMedia fire 🔥

Download WhatsApp RED V10.20 wa3_abu3rab Anti-ban 2022:-

MOD Name WhatsApp Red
 Base Version2.22.2.73
Minimum Os5.0+
File TypeAPK 
Download Size47 MB

Download WhatsApp Blue V10.20 Anti-ban 2022:-

MOD Name WhatsApp blue
 Base Version2.22.2.73
Minimum Os5.0+
File TypeAPK 
Download Size47 MB

Download WhatsApp Green Plus V10.20 wa_abu3rab Anti-ban 2022

MOD Name WhatsApp Green
 Base Version2.22.2.73
Minimum Os5.0+
File TypeAPK 
Download Size47 MB

Download Green WhatsApp Anti-ban v9.10 2022 latest version

Difference between WhatsAppGoldApk and other mod

  • You can set a schedule message sending feature.
  • You can set the auto-reply function on Gold WA.
  • Quick contacts function like the messenger.
  • Bomb message support (click and send unlimited messages)
  • Change tones (inside the conversation while new messages arrive)
  • Broadcast messages to the Groups at a time.
  • Send messages with Text styles (big text).
  • Support Urdu language.
  • Urdu font style (khasheeda).


Here I gave WhatsApp Gold to You, this is an official WhatsApp Gold by Abu-Turab. other than our website you will find WhatsApp Gold with the fake copy of WhatsApp but they would not be official WhatsApp Gold. this is totally free of cost. please type your feedback if you found any issues.


How to hide/freeze last seen for a particular contact?
You can hide or freeze your last seen or online status for a special contact whom you do not want to show it. Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen > My contacts except > Now select your contacts whom want to hide your last seen.

How to hide Profile Pic for a specific contact?
You can hide your profile picture for a particular person in your WhatsApp. that selected contact won't be able to see your profile picture. Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > My contacts except > Now select your contacts whom want to hide your profile picture.

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